My name is Vincent Ramos. I am from Long Beach, 4th Street.
Interviewer shows the pictures.
I feel naked, put my clothes back on!
I have been getting tattoos for a little while, from when I was young, since I was 13 when I started with the gangs.
My parents were around; they were not in the gangs. Gangs
just came naturally (to me).
I am trying to enjoy life and catch up on a lot of things that I missed out on. And that’s it, you know? I am a pretty simple man. Just catching up on having fun, whatever you do in life.
What do you think people will see when they look at these pictures? What do you want them to see?
I don’t know what they will think. Everyone will have their own opinion. It does not ma er what they see, they are going to see what they want to see. It is on them.For the rest of the interview to be found in the book.