Interviewer shows the pictures.
Damn, I am fat, eh? (Laughs.)
Oh, hell no!
Damn, I look like my son, eh? Are you fucking serious dude? Fuck, I do have love handles! Ha ha!
That’s how I look. How many years is that?
It’s a long me. It’s in my 20s (since he’s seen himself without ta oos).
There are no words for it. That’s crazy.
It’s emotional. Fuck, I fucked up big! I’m not saying that...I love my hood, but damn.
I am a man, eh?
Fuck, this is me man (looking at the picture with ta oos).
I don’t know...
I guess I’ve become like this, you know? I could imagine if I didn’t I would look like this.
Totally different story!
You have opened a different book; you know that right?
Like, I don’t regret what I am today. I know what I am. Just looking at this picture...man! If I wasn’t from a gang or did not know nothing about it, this is me right here.
I feel like this is what I should be looking like for my kids. But this is what I came to be. And I am proud of it. But I would have been more proud to have no tattoos for my kids you know.
It is a different outlook, I understand now.
That’s a lot of years, that’s a lot of work dude. That took a lot of work.
The tattoos mean a life with the gentlemen, my homies you know?
Brings a lot of death, sadness, hate, and destruction...sick. Just out of control, eh?
But not a savage, this is a person that has been through a lot, he has been through his own masterpiece.
I call it a book you know (looking to the photograph with the tattoos). This is my book right here. This is my book.
But this person really scares the hell out of me, you know (looking at the airbrushed picture).
I do not know who this person is.
That is what I see today (holding up the tattooed picture). I know this book, but I do not know this book. I don’t know.
There are no words...fuck dude!
I think my homeboys are going to trip!
My mom would have died, probably would have had a heart attack!
She had me like this, but she did not have me like this.
Damn, this is some bullshit you know that right!? (Laughs.) But thank you. This is a...damn!
This is Marcus, eh?
I don’t know who this guy is to tell you the truth, eh? (Looking at the airbrushed picture.) This guy is just an invisible person and this one is me today. I have accepted that for a long time, but I cannot accept this one. I don’t know.
He looks fake to me you know? But he is not fake it’s him... (points at the tattooed picture) it’s this guy. For the rest of the interview to be found in the book.